"Look Up!" Group Exhibition


Anything that Flies

Our lives are so filled these days with family commitments, work commitments. Young and old are face down staring at computer screens and cell phone screens. Our entertainment seems hell bent on keeping our heads faced toward the ground, but never seeing anything beyond a screen of some sort.

The Viewing Room Art Gallery https://theviewingroom.co.za/ would like you to get that semi-permanent crick out of your neck and look up. Create artworks of anything that flies, it can be a small thing or a large thing. It can be man-made or natural, anything as long as it has the ability to fly or glide.

Too much of anything is always a bad thing, but too much screen time for young and old is becoming more and more an issue. Not only is it a form of addiction, but it also affects mental health and well-being. Taking time out from our screens can promote mindfulness and self-awareness.

While creating your flights of fancy please keep in mind the concept behind “LOOK UP!”

So, lift your eyes from your screens look up to the sky

and create an artwork of anything that can fly.

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