Cobus Erasmus - A Good Goodbye

Artist Statement: My artistic style is profoundly influenced by 19th-century painters, where loose and decisive brush strokes are used to portray realistic scenes. Drawing inspiration from this tradition, my work seeks to navigate the balance between precision and spontaneity. In my latest piece, "A Good Goodbye", the rhythm of the composition has an interplay between randomness and structure, between the shifting clouds scattered across the sky and the deliberate V-shaped formation of birds. With this, I aimed to establish contrast on multiple levels. However, the birds almost get lost in the clouds; and a quick view won't open up this deeper layer of the painting. This subtle element serves as a commentary on the contemporary challenge of fleeting attention spans, a core theme of the exhibition. The main goal of this piece is to evoke a dreamy melancholy, an emotional resonance that comes alive as the birds calmly fly into the sunset. The palette of blues, selected for their emotional impact, seeks to stir the viewer with a sense of poignancy. Through this choice of colour, I aim to capture the ephemeral nature of life and prompt contemplation of the relentless passage of time. As the birds navigate the vast expanse, their existence becomes a poignant reminder of the ceaseless beautiful rhythm of nature, hence the title “A Good Goodbye”. Amidst the chaos of our fast-paced lives, this piece serves as a visual pause, inviting viewers to look up and reconnect with the grandeur of a world constantly unfolding and letting go.