Edna Michelle Theunissen - Landing

Artist Statement:  Edna Michelle Theunissen

The general idea for these works is based on my go to subject that includes African Pied Crows, a bird that is found locally and in the area I live in, and is often perched on a nearby tree, or rooftop, or flying overhead.  I often go outside to watch them, or listen to them talk to one another.

Elements accompanying them are mostly decorative; borrowed while browsing the internet, but it also carry a little meaning.  As an artist I also work digitally in an illustration industry so I really do look at my screen for many hours. The tiles and squares are representative of both pixels (the plain squares), and working from home (decorative tiles - could also be a landing area/rooftop). The gold and gold leaf is another decorative element, suggesting wind and leaves, or clouds or the direction of it, change of season, or position, going outside and getting some fresh air, stretching the legs.

The artworks can be seperate, or together next to each other as a pair.


  • Edna Michelle Theunissen - Landing
  • 2024
  • Acrylic and gold leaf
  • 25 x 25 centimeters
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