Joy Mwali - Wind of Possibility

"Wind of Possibility" is an immersive artwork that harmoniously blends the delicate allure of wind chimes with the enigmatic charm of fortune cookies. Through the gentle sway of the chimes, the piece invites viewers to embrace the serendipity of life's fleeting moments. Each chime resonates with the whispers of opportunity, creating a symphony that mirrors the unpredictable yet rhythmic cadence of fate. The incorporation of fortune cookies adds an element of introspection, encouraging observers to reflect on the unpredictability of their own journeys. "Wind of Possibility" seeks to evoke a sense of wonder, reminding us that in the dance of chance, there lies a beauty that transcends the boundaries of certainty.

  • Joy Mwali - Wind of Possibility
  • "Look Up!" Group Exhibition
  • Ceramics
  • 178 x 50 cm
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