Anita Cruywagen - So Big, So Small

So often these days we get hopelessly caught up in our overly busy lives, focusing on getting the essentials done and aiming to squeeze in a teensy bit of R&R if we’re lucky.

How often do we grab a few seconds to just come to a halt, look up and appreciate the bits of nature around us? We don't need to go far: the trees next to the road, the pesky hadedas and mynahs flying overhead... and further up, the clouds.

I have long had a fascination with clouds, the various forms they come in, and what they signify (some forecast dry and cold conditions, others long and steady rain, yet others fearsome thunder storms).

However, what impresses me most about clouds is the way they show up our microscopic scale in comparison. You could toss up a human into a cloud and nobody would notice him up there, not even if they tried. An aeroplane which is huge here on earth and can pack in several hundred people, looks like a speck next to clouds that span kilometres in height. It never ceases to take my breath away.

If my work can make anyone stop to look and contemplate and perhaps even stand in awe of the Creator who planned it all, my heart will sing.

  • Anita Cruywagen - So Big, So Small
  • "Look Up!" Group Exhibition
  • 2024
  • Oil On Board
  • 60 x 45 cm
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