Alan Grobler - Musical Lines

As a visual artist, I'm unable to practice traditional art forms due to Parkinism.  As a result, I adopted a suitable new form of creative expression in digital art.

The new medium allows me to correct images at any time.  It also affords endless freedom & possibilities of experimenting with colour, form & composition as well as easy preparation & tidying up.  I dont apply advanced digital tools such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) to any of my work.  Instead, I prefer to fuse the new technology with traditional, artistic disciplines of form, colour, space, line, shape, value & texture.  I try to create new  challenges, by stretching the boundaries & possibilities of a basic Open Office Drawing program which l use.  Images are constructed by means of an intricate web of lines & geometric shapes which form the foundation to each image during the creative process.  My aim is for my work to reflect a unique, personalised hands-on approach, despite being electronically generated.

Work submitted towards the exhibition, focus on its theme - 'Anything that flies' with each image being either man-made or natural form.
Birds represent musical notes & song.  Horizontal lines on which the birds are perched represent musical staves depicted in rainbow  colours.
  • Alan Grobler - Musical Lines
  • 2024
  • Digital Print
  • Image size: 38cm x 26cm; paper size: 42cm x 29.7cm
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