Emile Dehon

A self-taught artist from South Africa, who grew up in the outskirts of Pretoria, surrounded by nature and dusty farm roads. 

Since a young age, paging through art books, I had an innate urge to be an artist, to create, question and reflect through art. The artists that inspired me (Van gogh, Dali, Frida, Bacon, Battis, Freud, Basquiat, Hockney , to name a few.). All seemed to have a role in society that transcended the thin veneer of everyday life, they imitated, influenced and represented their contemporary lives and times in ways that could be instantaneously felt and understood if you were willing to look and understand.

In my mind there seemed to be no calling as true and noble as the calling of an artist. I picked up a pencil, paintbrush, pen, and so far have been too stubborn to put it down again. 

I am inspired by a juxtaposition of the beauty/cruelty of nature, people and society.

My art career has so far been numerous group exhibitions, non profit projects for animal shelters and a few solo exhibitions along the way.

I work in a multitude of mediums. My favorites are probably oil paints, ink and charcoal. I have also started to venture into the realm of sculpture, using cement, clay and resin mostly.

I believe as artists we never fail or succeed, reach a peak or stop learning, we are here for a greater purpose, we chronicle history, the collective and individual psyche, the mundane and the amazing through our artworks.

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