Sweet 16

This work depicts a bright red strawberry at the peak of ripeness (youth) with lustrous golden seeds and glittery spikes emerging from one side, laying in a pool of berry juice. The work represents the constant desire to stay young and beautiful. So many medical procedures and medicines are available in today's age that promise to keep one young. The beauty industry is one of the biggest industries. And yet trying to stay young is futile as age can not be stopped entirely. The work shows a fresh strawberry, overly bright and glossy , and yet there are spikes emerging from the berry and the berry is damaged and leaking somewhere not visible to the eye.

  • Sweet 16
  • Emile Dehon
  • Cement, air-dry clay, pigment and resin
  • 1 of 1
  • 14 x 15 x 12 centimeters
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