The Weight of Tradition

This work depicts 3 bananas stacked on top of one another , the bananas are covered with Delft blue patterning.

Golden spikes are attached to each banana.

The work represents tradition and cultural identity ( the Delft blue pattern which is so prevalent in many cultures and history) traditions and history can be an important part of our identity as individuals and as communities and yet following tradition blindly can be very damaging and detrimental. The bananas stacked on top of eachother represent the generations which traditions have been built upon, the colour of the golden spikes can be seen as generational wealth accumulated and the form of the spikes the aspect of deadlines and harm of being too set on old ways and traditions in an ever changing world.

  • The Weight of Tradition
  • Emile Dehon
  • Cement, air-dry clay, pigment and resin
  • 1 of 1
  • 24 x 20 x 12 centimeters
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