Alexa make some art. Curator: Debbie Cloete

May 18, 2024 - June 11, 2024

St. Lorient Art Gallery 492 Fehrsen street Brooklyn Circle The Viewing Room Art Gallery

Alexa make some art - A Group Exhibition at the Viewing Room Gallery, May 2024


Alexa make some art is a group exhibition curated by Debbie Cloete that will showcase the works of both the lovers and the haters of our new toy for art making. Exploring the deeper questions around Digital art, AI generated art and Augmented reality; how we use it, how is it using us, and why it is different from any other medium.


Invited artists will be asked to voice their opinions and showcase their skills in what promises to be an eye opener to the possibilities of working from inside of the machine.

Curated by Debbie Cloete

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