Karoo Drops

Today, to me there’s a big misunderstanding of what is correctly called Deep Learning (a specialised field under machine learning). There is in general a misconception of calling it artificial intelligence what is the results of deep learning algorithms?

These aren’t intelligence as we know it and it is far from it at the moment. But it looks convincing only because we’re succeeding in it doing what sub-functions of our brains can do. Therefore, “AI” art for me is a new medium and technique for making art. It is our contribution to the history of art marking where others before us contributed oil on canvas, graphite on paper, scultpturing using various mediums and so the list continues.

I’ve spent close to 30 years on machine learning (to which the term AI is been applied in the media). Initially in the 1950s the term A.I. (artificial intelligence) was coined and the belief was that in ten years they will have created intelligence that weren't biological (hence “artificial” intelligence referring to the fact that the intelligence is from a machine and not a living organism). They realised they were no where near that achievement and started using terms like machine learning and pattern recognition.

Our challenge with this new medium is to convince people to render art rather than ask for art from this new medium of expression. So getting rid of voice prompted art generation is important for this new medium to survive as a legitimate medium for the artist.

  • Karoo Drops
  • Digital print on Felix Schoeler
  • edition of 5
  • 29.7 x 42
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