Pinocchio Series 3 Julius Malema (EFF)

These images of the 3 major party leaders in SA at the moment, were generated by giving prompts to midjourney. Prompts were along the lines of: each leader's name, clay sculpture, facing right in profile, and Pinocchio. Roy Blumenthal assisted in this process and sent high-resolution AI generated images. These were taken into Photoshop, where the images were stretched and manipulated to create long noses onto which their manifestos could be hung. When Pinocchio told lies, his nose would grow. Our politicians are in a permanent state of nose growing exacerbated by the impending elections. The final images were presented as digital prints.

  • Pinocchio Series 3 Julius Malema (EFF)
  • Gordon Froud
  • AI assisted by Roy Blumenfeld, the Photoshopped digital print
  • 3 of 10
  • 20.7 x 42
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