Look Up!

March 09, 2024 - April 09, 2024

The concept behind the exhibition was inspired by how we interact, work and communicate in the modern era of technology. No matter where you go, you are confronted by people looking down at some form of screen. We use our computers and cell phones as objects to serve multiple functions. Cell phones now make it possible for us to reachable at all times meaning we can work from our phones anywhere and anytime. This also changes how we interact and socialize. We socialise on our phones or even worse, while socialising with people we are also working, taking other calls or emailing, whatsapping, instagramming, twittering............The point is, our eyes are looking down, when they should be making eye contacting with the person in front of you or at least looking at the wonders around you, we are missing out on so much, so I implore you to LOOK UP! really see the people, make real connections and appreciate the world around you before it's too late.


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