... and other white lies 3

And other white lies series:

In this body of work, Kohler populates landscapes reminiscent of Pierneef's iconic baren artworks with grazing springs whilst other pieces have mythological creatures such as pigs with wings. The politicised landscapes of Pierneef which presented an uninhabited South African landscape which was ready for the taking of the Apartheid government. Kohler pushes back on this through his population of these iconic spaces. Through his Springboks, the national symbol of Afrikaanerdom, there seems to be a commentary of these animals fitting into the environment and belonging within it. It's only in Kohler's colour applications of these springboks that we realise a statement of belonging is being made. Kohler's flying pigs allude to the supposed belonging of the indigenous peoples whom where seen as less than are presented as creature who clearly do not belong in these modernist world's. 

  • ... and other white lies 3
  • Vivien Kohler
  • 2023
  • 4 Colour Silkscreen on Stephen 250gsm
  • mounted
  • Edition of 10
  • Sheet Size: 32 x 40.7 cm
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