CROSSROADS: TSELA TSE PEDI Curator: Kutlwano Monyai. Opening Speaker Mmutle Kgokong

April 13, 2024 - May 14, 2024

St. Lorient Art Gallery and The Viewing Room Art Gallery 492 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn Circle Pretoria

Mere words cannot adequately describe the weight and excitement of having to make a life-changing decision. We live in a world where we constantly must make decisions on things we want or things we need to do. This is a point in time where a significant change may occur that can determine and impact one’s future.

Crossroads refers to the intersection of different roads where a traveller must choose a direction in which to take. In Setswana, one of the common reference of crossroads is tsela tse pedi (two roads). This exhibition is an invitation to ponder upon the state of being at a crossing. Robert Frost has delt with this dilemma of being at a crossroad; evident in his poem “The road not taken”. Tracy chapman sang “crossroads” to us, and we heard all that could go right and wrong and all those that can influence us when trying to decide while on a journey. We travel alone, but we are connected to other people and when we experience these crucial moments, those around us may also feel the impact. This exhibition is a collection of respective stories and experiences that speaks to the state of being at a crossroad. Each artist is pulling the weight from different directions of cultural and spiritual influences, change and body dysmorphia, believe systems and traditional paths, economic pressures and environmental accountability, and the impact of death and loss. When we are faced with sharp vicissitudes that compels us to make choices, what are the emotions, challenges, anxieties, and conversations that we carry within our bodies? There is a moment in that journey where we wished we could split ourselves in two or more pieces to accommodate that desire to take all pathways.

Participating Artists

Thato Tlatsi

Zandri Oosthuysen

Ditiro Mashigo

Andrea Moses

Lerato Lodi

Masindi Mbolekwa

Theophelus Rikhotso

Naledi Mosifana

Tumelo Mphela


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