Rhythmic Evolution


Theophelus Rikhotso was born in a rural village of Bungeni, Njhakanjhaka in Limpopo province. He discovered his artistic talent when he was about eight years old. He was inspired by his uncle who was a self-taught artist. Art has always been Theophelus’s passion. He completed his B-Tech in Fine and Applied Arts at Tshwane University of Technology, majoring in sculpture. He in believes making art is a vehicle for the expression of his thoughts, memories and everyday life experiences. Growing up in a rural village has offered him the perfect opportunity to observe nature that includes animals and birds especially the African pied crows. His work is mostly inspired by nature and socioeconomic & political issues.  

 About the artist  

Theophelus Rikhotso is a Tshwane based multi-disciplinary artist who works in mediums such as sculpture, installation, painting and drawing. His work largely reflects on memories, thoughts, everyday life experiences, cultural identity, and sociopolitical issues in contemporary South Africa. As a visual intellectual, his work is aimed at stimulating thoughtful provocation and engagement with the viewing public through the usage of symbols and metaphors. His visual vocabulary predominantly features references to both the shovel and pied crow The shovel symbolises strength and the pied crow, which he identifies as a personal totem, functions a guide through his personal journey.  

Artist statement

In this body of work,  I explore the relationship between land and cultural heritage. Through my work, I aim to capture the essence of ancestral connections embedded in the landscape, weaving a visual narrative that transcends time. By melding traditional and contemporary elements, I seek to evoke a profound sense of belonging and reverence for the rich tapestry of history woven into the earth beneath our feet. The mark- making and form reflects the interplay between nature and cultural identity, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound significance of preserving our land and heritage for generations to come.

My art explores the cultural taboos,Through my work, I aim to challenge preconceptions, provoke introspection, and unveil the complexity hidden beneath the surface of taboo subjects. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, I navigate the realms of discomfort to foster conversations about the often unspoken aspects of our shared human experience. Ultimately, my art seeks to dismantle stereotypes, encouraging viewers to confront, question, and perhaps redefine their perspectives on the taboos that shape our cultural landscape.

In my artistic exploration of cultural taboos, I delve into the intricate tapestry of societal norms, unveiling the layers that both bind and conceal. Through various mediums, I seek to challenge the rigid constructs that define what is acceptable and forbidden within different cultures. My work aims to dismantle stereotypes, fostering a dialogue that transcends borders and encourages a deeper understanding of the diverse narratives embedded in our global society. By confronting and reinterpreting cultural taboos, I invite viewers to reconsider their assumptions, fostering empathy and connection in the face of perceived differences.

In my work, yellow is often used to convey a sense of caution or warning. This is because yellow is a highly visible colour that can easily grab attention, it is used to symbolize the breaking of traditional norms and the emergence of new perspectives on cultural taboos, prompting viewers to question established beliefs.


  • Rhythmic Evolution
  • Theophelus Rikhotso
  • Charcoal, pastel & acrylic on canvas.
  • 88 x 139 centimeters
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