Transient Magic of Life 2

Flowers have forever been integral to human ceremonies and rituals we hold dear, commemorating accomplishments, moments of exhilarating joy and occasions of deep sorrow.

Flowers bare witness to these significant events that define our lives and convey emotions when words fall short.

On the other hand, bubbles are pure magic. They capture the essence of transience and have an iridescent beauty that lasts for an instant.

For me, the fragility of bubbles becomes a metaphor that points to the fleeting nature of our human experience.

Posing a gentle reminder to the viewer that life is indeed temporary, but there is an iridescent beauty to be found in every moment. Look for the magic before it inevitably succumbs to the passage of time.

I want to urge the viewer to reflect on the delicate nature of life, to cherish the present and find beauty in the temporary.

  • Transient Magic of Life 2
  • Heidi Mckay
  • 2024
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 51.5 x 61.5 centimeters
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