Still Life Bubble Wrapped

For the Bubbles exhibition, the artist decided to play around with bubble wrap wrapped around a blue vase, a tangerine and an orange. Bubble wrap is a universal object that almost everyone has in common. Still life bubble wrapped (2024) reflects the artist’s concerns about her future. The blue vase is a family heirloom that will probably stay bubble wrapped in a dark place. The orange and the rotting tangerine symbolize the inevitable passing of time and the multi-purpose bubble wrap’s inability to preserve the oranges.


First meant to be wallpaper, the product that revolutionized the shipping industry in the 1950s can now be found in almost anyone’s home. From the innocent popping and playing as a child, to wrapping kitchenware for the big move out of your parent’s house, to carefully binding heirlooms and other objects inherited from family. Even in the house of an artist who chose to bubble wrap fruit for a painting.

  • Still Life Bubble Wrapped
  • Olga-Louise Lemmer
  • 2024
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 30 x 30 centimeters
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