Emptiness 1 (diptych)

Fullness to Emptiness:

I explore the delicate balance of the human psyche as it Moves through a journey within despair and PTSD following a past relationship abuse. The central motif of a jacket submerged in a bath of flowers serves as a central metaphor for vulnerability and exposure of identity. The symbolism of the bath is both seen as a place of intimacy as well as a place of safety I found in times of extreme panic and emotional pain.

The jacket rests calmly amidst the blossoms, leaves and roses, evoking the idea of shelter and concealment. This juxtaposition speaks to the fa├žade many wear to mask their internal turmoil. The bath of flowers, reminiscent of a serene yet suffocating environment, represents the fluidity of emotions and the constant flow of memories and hurt.

The works are in sequence of three divided in two parts each. Fullness being the on with most water and flowers. Half full similar to a glass being half full in life and Emptiness referring to the bath with scattered pieces of what was left of me and my mind since the abuse.

Through these works, I captured the transient moments of clarity and chaos, an explosion between despair and hope. This series is a visual meditation on the silent battles fought within, the scars unseen but deeply felt. It is an invitation to acknowledge the fragility of the human condition, to find empathy and strength in shared vulnerability, and to recognize the quiet beauty that emerges from the most fragile of states.

  • Emptiness 1 (diptych)
  • Sarah-Jean Viljoen
  • 2023
  • Oil on Canvas
  • (62 x 80 cm) x2
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