Tricia Visser Per(pet)ual Memorium: A Master’s solo exhibition of ceramics.

November 04, 2023 - November 11, 2023

492 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa



When a pet dies, I find myself profoundly moved within a complex emotional landscape

of grief, memory and longing. I have empathy for the often traumatic memories

engendered by the loss of a beloved pet and have been asked to create memorials for

other grieving pet owners.

The ceramic sculptures in Per(pet)ual Memorium (2023) are embedded with fragments

of the pets’ favourite soft toys and bone ash: enduring reminders of their lives. My work

excavates the connection between anthropomorphism and attachment theory, exploring

the bonds forged between humans and animals. Each life-size ceramic sculpture

memorialising a cherished pet is imbued with the emotions, memories and trauma

arising from the loss of the animal companion. Childlike hands and feet transform the

animal sculptures into hybrid creatures, reflecting the tendency of pet owners to treat

their pets like children or an important human equivalent.

While my work is rooted in personal experience, I believe that it speaks to a wider

audience of animal lovers who are often confronted with a complete lack of

comprehension concerning the death of a pet. Some individuals regard companion

animals as ungrievable and replaceable - ‘you can get another puppy’ - negating both

the relationship and the profound grief of the pet owner.

My work creates an intimate space for reflection and dialogue. It encourages others to

explore their relationships with their pets and how they shape our lives.

Per(pet)ual Memorium | The Viewing Room Art Gallery | (+27)66 274 2094 | Date 4 – 11 November



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