The Threads That Bind Us Exhibition Extended

March 27, 2021 - May 24, 2021

St. Lorient Fashion & Art Gallery 492 Fehrsen Street Brooklyn Circle Pretoria

Fiber Art Exhibition “From earliest times people have used textiles of various types for many different purposes such as coverings, warmth, personal adornment and even to display wealth and sexuality. To date people still interact with textiles on a daily basis making it a part of our everyday rituals. Whether a person is buying a garment, buying a car or interior products we are all consumers of textiles in some way or another binding us by fiber and thread. Fiber art refers to fine artists whose expressive medium consists of Natural, Vegetable, Animal, Mineral and Manmade/Synthetic fiber whether the fibers are used in its organic form or have been processed into span, woven, felted or knitted fabrics and yarns. Its focus is on the unconventional use of textile related materials and the manual labour of the artist as part of the works' significance, aesthetic value or conceptual over functionality”. -Shene Kraft.

“My mother was a fashion designer and dress maker. Ever since I could remember there were always an abundance of fabric scraps, rolls of materials and lace present. So, as I grew up amongst textiles, they became very dear to my heart. (I have very vivid memories of our cat always finding her way to the material scrap boxes to have her litter of kittens). For me dress making, stitching, embroidery, in fact anything to do with textiles is all part of my upbringing and runs in my blood. So, it is no surprise that after I graduated from university, instead of continuing in academia I joined my mom in the “rag trade”. I find textiles fascinating. Fabric is alive and nudges me to touch, smell and discover its story. It can be whimsical or serious. Smooth or rough. Vibrant or subdued. We all have a bond, a connection with textiles and for this exhibition I was highly inspired by the works of artist, Celia de Villiers, whose works speak of historic traditions like collecting a trousseau to supplement a young woman’s attributes, and touches on issues of gender, cultural, status, ethnicity and climate. “ -Lucy Anastasiadis

I am delighted to invite you, as an artist to participate in the exhibition entitled “The Threads that Bind Us” An exhibition where we explore the common threads that bind our worlds both metaphorically and literary as human beings. In this exhibition I want you, the artist, to tell us your story and what threads bind you to who you are, where you come from and where it takes you in your textile and fibre-based practices 

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