Shené Kraftt - Untitled 5

The threads that binds us

My connection and love of textiles grow from a young age as materials have a great ability to transport us into a fantasy or state of illusion by the look, feel, sound and smell of its structure. I can remember taking all of my mother’s blankets out of the linen closet to build a blanket fort just to be set apart from my surrounding.

I’ve always remained intrigued by the array of textiles present in our lives but become negative overwhelmed by the impact the industry has had on society over the years and how mass production is rapidly increasing; contribute towards environmental collapses.

Being torn by the feeling of “fantasies-illusion” and the tragic reality of textile life I decided to find a link between the two in my Textile Degree of 2019.

My work focuses on manipulating waste materials into unrecognisable things, form and shapes to rediscover possibilities beyond expected bounds of minimal usage materials such as tea bags, panty hose, chiffon and cotton.


  • Shené Kraftt - Untitled 5
  • The Threads That Bind Us
  • 2021
  • Mixed Media
  • Framed
  • 32 x 32 x 5 centimeters
  • ZAR 2,438.00
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