Thulani Tsamela

Born 12 July 1999 in Sebokeng and raised in Vereeniging, a neighboring town just a stone throw away from bustling Johannesburg, Thulani Junior Tsamela is a self taught Gender Non Binary Artist who now resides in Pretoria. Their artistic journey is a testament to self discovery as they emerge as an artist. Thulani’s art is characterized by lines, squiggles and cross hatching. They have a fascination with paints that breathes life into their subjects. Through their art Thulani beautifully celebrates the strength and beauty of women paying tribute to the role their grandmother who played a hoge role in their upbringing, also showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community, they also share their own experiences in their art. Their artwork serves as a canvas for self expression and exploration of gender identity advocating for an inclusive and accepting world. It also serves as a voice on issues that deeply resonate with them. Thulani’s artistic journey began with childhood fascination, inspired by their cousin’s drawings and anime characters seen on tv and in in magazines. However it was during the 2020 lockdown that they decided to take art more seriously. They transitioned from hyperrealism pencil drawings to exploring a range of styles in search of their artistic identity in late 2022. Their inspiration stems from envisioning a world that embraces acceptance, inclusivity and love. Thulani aspires to make an impact by bringing positivity into the lives of women and the LGBTQ+ community in South Africa while dreaming of positively influencing people positively on a Global scale. Their goal is to highlight the power, resiliance and perseverance of these communities, they aim to motivate and encourage rather than depict them as victims of life’s obstacles. Thulani Junior Tsamela, an aspiring artist conveys a message of empowerment and inclusiveness, through their artwork. They promise a voyage of development and imaginative exploration.

1999 -
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