Mia Van Wyk

I am inspired, fascinated and amazed by the full scale of life; from tiny bacteria to processes that span the planet.Through painting, I explore the complex connections between species, and question our role as humans in this beautiful and abundant eco-system.

In my current artwork, I combine human bones, organs and skulls with natural elements like flowers and insects. I fuse these elements to symbolise our deep connection with nature, and also our journey through life and inevitable death.

I condemn the ego-driven need of our species to attain material wealth and pursue power through the domination, exploitation and destruction of our eco-system. 

Through the eyes of the ego, everything and everyone is seen as separate. This disconnect allows unthinkable cruelty and violence.

This can change if we acknowledge that we form part of a system of life that is larger than we are, but which is also fragile and interdependent.

I remain hopeful and motivated by the potential that resides in every human to become conscious of this connection, and to feel empathy and compassion towards all other beings. 

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