Joy Mwali

Artist Biography

Joy Mwali, currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma with a focus on Ceramics at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, discovered her passion for art during her primary years. Her journey began with entering competitions and earning accolades. In high school, she achieved 1st place in the sculpture category at the Annual Exhibition hosted by Pretoria High School for Girls.

Having completed her National Diploma and Advance Diploma at Tshwane University of Technology, Joy embraced opportunities to showcase her work. Her artistic endeavours found platforms in three student exhibitions organized by the Association of Art Gallery and “Ceramic Student Exhibition” at The Viewing Room Art Gallery. Additionally, she actively participated in group exhibitions like "Eggsibition", "Breaking the Bank" and “Dysfunctional” at Johan Van Heerden Art Gallery, as well as "African Stories" and “LOOK UP” at The Viewing Room Art Gallery. Joy's work gained recognition in the Ceramic SA competition exhibition, and she was selected to feature in an exhibition organized by Spier Wine Farm in Cape Town. A spirited, hardworking, and intelligent artist, Joy Mwali strives to create visually captivating pieces that convey meaningful messages to viewers. She views working with ceramic as therapeutic, allowing her to craft beautiful vessels while finding joy in the creative process. Her key takeaway from her artistic journey emphasizes the importance of meticulousness in the creative process. Joy believes that by diligently following each step of the artistic journey, everything else falls seamlessly into place.

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