Artist Statement

I explore the connection between identity and technology through a self-portrait painted in green, blue, and touches of purple. These colors symbolize different aspects of our modern experience. Green represents growth and the natural world, contrasting with our digital lives. Blue reflects the depth and tranquility of the digital realm, as well as its potential to isolate us. Purple hints at transformation and the mysterious journey of self-discovery in the age of technology.

The portrait blends the organic and the artificial, showing how our identities are shaped by the digital interfaces we use daily. It illustrates the merging of physical self and digital persona, creating a complex picture of modern identity.

“Motherboard” highlights the tension between raw human emotion and the precise nature of technology. It raises questions about authenticity, connection, and how technology influences our sense of self.

  • Motherboard
  • Joy Mwali
  • 2022
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 93 x 93 centimeters
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