Welile Yvonne Dube - Inside Motherhood

The best subject is yourself, I use my body as a symbol to explore different parts of my identity as an African woman. The work reflects an introspective self-awesomeness of my body as a mother, the work depicts the insecurities and challenges I went through after giving birth to my son, I lost confidence and did not feel comfortable in my own body anymore, I am questioning the many roles the female body inhabits in my context. These works expose my vulnerability to the viewer, our bodies are what make us unique and make us who we are, through my work I hope I empower women to see their bodies as extraordinary and to be celebrated and not conform to society’s expectations.

  • Welile Yvonne Dube - Inside Motherhood
  • Oil & Fine Liner on Canvas
  • 30 x 20 centimeters
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