The theme that I had chosen is pandemic and scorpion, the reason I chose

them it is because it will be easy for people to understand how dangerous the


The pandemic and scorpion sculpture is an artwork that I created and it has

been artificial out of clay, glaze, and underglaze. With this artwork, I connect to

nature as well as the social issue (Pandemic) that affects many people and

the economy.

The reason I was able to build a relationship and able to develop the concept

with this artwork, it was all because of dedication and brainstorming more

ideas about how I look at the scorpion and pandemic ended up with brilliant

ideas and able to produce the final product in the studio.

This concept makes me enjoy ceramics because it comes with challenges like

throwing small pandemic pieces to be installed in the big piece and I make sure

that the clay is well wedged and is dry completely.

My artwork is a fine analysis of the Pandemic and scorpion with the long tale and

poisonous sting. The techniques that I have used when applying the pandemic

through scorpion was a long process to break down until I figured out that I

can be creative and able to create more interesting work.

  • Universe
  • Tshidiso Finca
  • 2022
  • Ceramics
  • 55,5 x 35 x 34,3cm
  • ZAR 6,900.00
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