Unicorns Die Too (i)

Neo Theku
Unicorns Die Too (diptych)

The aphorism “Unicorns Die Too” not only embraces the essence of fading dreams but also comprehensively demonstrates every condition of losing self-actualization and acknowledgment. Metaphoric to being attached to another being, losing them feels like losing part of own self.

Holding onto a dead relationship, presented with the damaged lamb skull illustrates the essence of innocence found within us, but destroyed by pursuing ceasing bonds. Both hands of the figure are holding onto a “head” to demonstrate psychological marriage, with the horn on the human head and a candle on the damaged skull, this is one thing they had in common but really never existed, Unicorn fantasies.

The broken tip of the horn on his head and the candle burning down slowly on the lamb’s skull show the sense of loss over time. The lit candle still brings hope that there could still be life in the form of death, yet the candle flame is extinguished as a result of a spiritual disconnection between the two beings.

  • Unicorns Die Too (i)
  • Neo Theku
  • 2022
  • Photographic print on Tecco Matte paper
  • Edition of 5
  • Sheet Size: 74 x 54 centimeters
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