Ukuzala komthwalo (Giving birth to burderned load)

Artist Statement: In this drawing I speak about the irony of a women giving birth to a child that will eventually abuse her.  It is ironic that abusive men hurt women who are the initial givers of life,through birth. Mothers nuture and carry  lives in their wombs.

 I feel as though in the patriarchal society I live in,women are not treated as well as they should be. I wanted to use the male genitalia as the childs body  as a metaphor for these kind of men. The childs face looks innocent ,almost naive , to show how I do not believe that male children are born abusive,but rather that the environment they grow up in influences this as well as the absence of a positive father figure. 
  • Ukuzala komthwalo (Giving birth to burderned load)
  • Jolie Graca
  • 2018
  • Charcoal , Pencil, Marker
  • Framed
  • 109 x 81 centimeters
  • ZAR 18,000.00
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