To Meet with Disaster I

I am an abstract artist working with fluid mediums, exploring form and the disruption there of. With my interest being in the boundaries or non-boundaries that are being pushed, destabilised, or contained via my work and the materials, my practice is a response to my personal, emotional, and physical material experiences.

My work has begun to shift after experiencing a traumatic loss and moved towards an exploration of grief. While maintaining the ideas of boundaries or non-boundaries that are being destabilised, I am exploring the ebb and flow of grief, an all-consuming weight that is both a privilege and burden. The recent years have not been kind to many and have left a sorrow in the world for those still mourning, while others are able to carry on with their lives seemingly easily.

As mentioned, grief is both a burden and a privilege. It is this deep darkness and shift in emotion that she explores in her drawings. In grief there is an accumulation of feelings that feel as though they are at the edge of a cliff about to fall over or, at the brim of a surface about to spill out. My drawings have been a personal means of grappling with the grace and beauty of death while fighting the emotions of loss. Grief’s darkness varies in shades, that has moments of life continuing around and through it, that is accompanied by gratitude and memory.

“I would simply like to move through the chaos, to find those beautiful moments of peace, to find balance. Water is present in my process and visually in the works. Water has become the perfect muse of chaos and peace for me. For while a pebble may only hit the water once, it will always have ripples. Can a single moment in water ever be isolated? Are our perceived ideas of permanence and boundaries just self-built to give us a small sense of control?”

  • To Meet with Disaster I
  • Kyra Pape
  • relief embossing with archival ink on Fabriano paper
  • 50 x 35 centimeters
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