The silhouetted figure in a trench coat wears glasses, a farmer’s hat and a preacher’s collar. He has a sickle in his gloved hand. The silhouette’s shadow has a horned head with a shield-like face. The shadow of the sickle appears to be a pitchfork. The door is a phone. The room is a home screen of a computer. The icons around the room are a calendar, clock, filing cabinet, world globe, trash can and window. The seated figure behind the door is in anguish. Is it a child or an adult? Are they naked? It is flooded in the darkness of persecution and guilt - hiding from what is outside, indoors and within. The reflection on the back of the door is like the G of Google. The seated figure emits a shadow that is a cloud. The standing figure in the doorway is the Incognito Icon - the sinister that prey on vulnerabilities of what is behind closed ‘Windows’. In conflicting contrast, the face of the shadow is the Protection Icon. They are both the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The theme of the cursor appears throughout the work - the hand holding the sickle, the arrow on the pitchfork and on the cloud. The camera invites the spectator into the artwork. Who is watching whom? We are all voyeurs watching. The internet is a saviour and provider but also a curse. We are farmed by the Great Data Farmers. We perpetuate the feed by how long we hover over a post or which file we open. We are never satiated. The sickle appears again in the On/Off button. Whose finger is on the keys? Who is in control?

  • Vas Putter
  • Lino print
  • 1 of 20
  • 29.5 x 19.5
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