The Collective Awakening

TITLE: The Collective Awakening

Media: Paper Mache, Wire Mesh and Acrylic

This mixed media piece embodies the ethereal interplay between personal spiritual awakening and the collective consciousness. The artwork features abstract butterfly wings, meticulously constructed with wire mesh and paper mache to create a 3D effect. Gentle hues of green, blue, pink, and soft yellow wash over the textured surface, enhancing the delicate and transient nature of the composition.

The round canvas, reminiscent of a bubble, symbolizes the encompassing and protective nature of spiritual awakening. The abstract butterfly wings merging into one another evoke the fluidity and interconnectedness of individual spiritual journeys, much like bubbles that collide, merge, and grow larger. This visual metaphor illustrates how personal transformations contribute to a broader, collective shift in consciousness.

Butterflies, a universal symbol of transformation and renewal, are depicted in a way that suggests unity and wholeness, reflecting the idea that as individuals undergo spiritual awakenings, they become part of a larger, interconnected whole. The gentle, merging forms represent the fragile yet profound moments of insight that elevate and expand the soul.

Aligned with the exhibition's theme of exploring fragility and fluidity, "Collective Awakening" invites viewers to engage with the delicate, fleeting beauty of spiritual growth and the interconnected nature of our shared human experience. This piece captures the playful, immersive spirit of the exhibition while offering a profound reflection on the collective journey of awakening.

  • The Collective Awakening
  • Megan Shapiro
  • 2024
  • Paper Mache, Wire Mesh and Acrylic
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