The Circle of Life (Triptych)

The melting orbs account for the moving parts of ourselves that we can’t define. The intangible mundane absurdities of life that so intimately weave our persona. Repressed, posing as something else, emulating a persona to subdue a part of oneself.

A memory captured as a fractal in time. To be re-lived, restructured, and dissolved. The triptych depicts three floating orbs rendered as metaphorical representations of Jupiter’s three moons, Ganymede’s, Europa, and IO (Left to right). The black background suggests an abyss like space, one’s consciousness or psyche, the stark black backdrop makes each orb float in an abstract empty space. This further emulates the idea of each moon being an individual entity or even a human being.


Each orb is rendered in white, red, light blue with subtle washes of copper. This creates an otherworldly effect and adds to the illusion of melting/movement implied by the techniques and drips falling off each orb. There is also the use of a Dragon Fury Celtic symbol which further emphasis the otherworldly or mystical elements and themes explored.

  • The Circle of Life (Triptych)
  • Ndaya Ilunga
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 3x(64x42)
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