Thato Mbuyane - Conceptualized Eye Layers that Blossoms

Mbuyane Thato a young adult Artist from a hometown called Hammanskraal. An older brother to his siblings, raised by a single mother since 2007, his love of Art is an inheritance from his late father’s family which lead him to pursuing it as a career. The talent was recognized since his pre-schooling years. He was born during the year 1996 on the 26th of May. His work its driven by his eyesight genetic disorder named Exotropia of which he was born with it and got worse during his illness days, and that affected his eye to diverge to the side though along the years he gained the ability to know how to control it since he was always being shamed by his peers being called (Skillboy). Then now his proud of it and zeal to change the social philosophy that many has that having a (Skillboy) means that your sight its different to others meaning what they visualise ones, you see it twice and that’s not a fact but a twisted statement. So his work creation is to shift people’s thinking from the social twisted statement about (Skillboyed) individuals sight and let them know that we all see the same way. Thato the Artist uses different types of material he finds adequate to his creations thus most of his work is Glass and Fibre materials that he utilises to get the quality and emphasis the significance of his work. His techniques application its through painting on glass, shaping the glass, weaved wool, crotched wool/synthetic materials on glass or canvas. The artists theme its frequently black and white, and other eyeball colours to emphasize his works concept and to his viewers of which speaks about people with Exotropia (Skillboy) including other eyes disorders named (Esotropia, Hypertropia, and Hypotropia) that we all visualise the same way. So throughout the artists work he explores his capabilities through different materials to give it a meaning besides beautifying his glass work that he gives a strong meaning out of his daily experiences, which helps a lot on his work significance and how people respond to the (Skillboy) disorders of which he found it so strong to talk about in a way of Art to show the beauty of each sight disorders and to embrace the meaning of it since he takes it an art God created to make people talk about whenever he appears and even in his absence. Which is so much fascinating and a prolonged creation to talk about as an artwork and need to be spread out to challenge the social philosophy through his work. So he does this to make people with this disorders to gain back their self esteems, dignity, and feel proud of their appearances, cause your appearance drags attention and debates between communities.

  • Thato Mbuyane - Conceptualized Eye Layers that Blossoms
  • 3D Student Exhibition - New Torchbearers
  • 2023
  • Glass
  • 30