Sugar Man

I am Martini Coetzee. The artwork 'Sugar Man' is a lightpainting photography artwork. The light painting was done with a light painting brush. In Sixto Rodriquez's song 'Sugar Man' the lyrics refer to drugs like amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana. The song is about addiction.

In the artwork I used lollipops that are always so pretty to look at. They can be fun and sweet but sugar can be deadly if enjoyed too much like any other drug. Drugs first bring enjoyment but turn deadly in time. The "Sugar Man" being the dealer is also the false friend that is bad for you. The skull is a reminder that death awaits for the drug abuser. Sand was placed in a star shape (resembling our travelling through time and space). The sand creates a texture that can be sugar or cocaine/drugs. The bright colours and moving light (the magic ships) is like being on drugs in a state of ecstasy.

  • Sugar Man
  • Martini Coetzee
  • Ilford Galerie Crystal Gloss Print
  • 1 of 30
  • 70.8 x 90
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