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Artist statement – Lientjie Wessels

 Most of my current work is created on the Procreate program using the apple pencil on iPad pro. Just after Christmas last year I set myself the challenge to create a artwork using iPad for the next consecutive 365 days no matter what challenges any day might bring or where in the world I am. The process and journey so far has been extremely interesting and rewarding at times. Like any artists oeuvre there is a few really good works so far and many bad ones. It see this method as just another tool for creating and the quintessence of my work has not changed much. The work consists of many still lives ( an ongoing theme in my work exploring mortality and change as represented by objects in our daily lives). The works are created either from scratch or by using a method of collage over which is painted, drawn, sketched and other methods of mark making on screen. In some of the works the AI program created by Marius Conradie is applied to further the process on screen. I am looking forward to completing the rest of the task I set myself and to see where this art journey takes me.

  • Stuff that makes me Happy
  • Lientjie Wessels
  • Digital print on Felix Schoeler
  • edition of 5
  • 29.7 x 42
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