Sello Letswalo -

Creation Story

The Plant of Life Shida Matunda created all things. After making the earth and water and plants and animals, he created two women and took them as his wives. His favorite wife watering it every day. After some time, a little plant began to grow from the grave. Then he was glad because he knew that the dead woman would rise again. He did not allow h wife to be overcome with curiosity and she stole into the house. When she saw the plant, she was jealous and cut it down with a hoe. The blood of the dead woman poured out of t much afraid and said: "You have killed your co-wife and thereby caused all men, animals, and plants to die." From Shida Matunda and the surviving woman.

  • Sello Letswalo -
  • African Creation Stories
  • Mixed Media
  • 53 x 65 cm