Sandile Nhlakanipho Manzini - Akubekhona Ukukhnya

I am Sandile Nhlakanipho Manzini a talented ceramic artist who draws inspiration from the concept of the seven days of creation. I am working primarily with a medium that combines clay throwing and hand-building techniques I create stunning ceramic pieces that showcase my unique vision and craftsmanship. One of the defining aspects of my work is his skillful use of glazes. I predominantly use a combination of matte black and shiny white glazes to enhance the visual impact of my creations. To achieve a seamless and consistent application of glaze I employ a meticulous process known as spray glazing which ensures a smooth and even distribution of color bringing out the true essence of my artwork. My work reflects a deep reverence for nature and a desire to recreate the beauty and diversity found in the natural world. Through ceramic pieces, I aim to capture the essence of each of the seven days of creation showcasing both the vastness and intricate details of the world we inhabit. My meticulous attention to detail combined with my technical prowess results in visually captivating pieces that leave a lasting impression on all who encounter them. Beyond my artistic talent, I am committed to the preservation and promotion of ceramic art. Through my dedication and passion for the craft, I aim to contribute to the rich legacy of ceramics by pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities within the medium. As a ceramic artist, I constantly seek to refine my techniques and experiment with new materials allowing my work to continually evolve and captivate audiences. My ceramic art not only showcases my talent but also offers viewers a glimpse into the profound beauty and wonder of creation. Through my innovative use of clay-throwing hand-building techniques and the application of glazes, I bring to life a world that is both familiar and fantastical. My dedication to my craft and the thoughtful storytelling inherent in my creations make me a significant figure in the contemporary ceramic art scene.

  • Sandile Nhlakanipho Manzini - Akubekhona Ukukhnya
  • 3D Student Exhibition - New Torchbearers
  • 2023
  • Ceramics
  • 63x51x49,5
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