Round Cliff Estate

Artist statement:

  According to Bloul, Globalisation is said to speed up fragmentation of the subject by widening the field of possible identity-positions. While postmodern analyses have de-centred the master concepts of class, race, nation and gender, globalisation intensifies the necessity to live identity through difference, as all of us occupy multiple subject positions.

By portraying naked figures, the artist provokes notions of vulnerability and insecurity. The inner space of one’s home becomes more significant as a place of ultimate safety. In an attempt to create a secure place, people restrict their own freedom to smaller and more confined spaces. Cocooning became more evident in contemporary architecture. While this clustering life style brings people physically closer to each other, the influence of social media widens the gap on social interaction. Yet, everybody remains connected to a bigger system and infrastructure which they have to share. Anew ‘improved-life’ system through technology and a system which they hope can provide them with better safety and security.


Bloul, RAD 1999. Beyond ethic identity: Resisting exclusionary identification. Social Identities 5(1):7-28).

  • Round Cliff Estate
  • Loeritha Saayman
  • Copper Plated, Hammer Toned Mild Steel on Smoked Mirror
  • Installation
  • 80 x 80 x 52 centimeters
  • ZAR 36,700.00
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