Rebecca Maphooe - Organic Pot

My work is based on the theme of nature, specifically plants. As a visual artist (a surface designer and ceramicist) I get to explore and connect with nature, to get the inspiration and enthusiasm to create art. I can say nature is the main source of my creativity and ambition, I get to explore plants, then incorporate some part of it in my work, mostly focusing on the leaves and the tree bark, paying more attention on the tree bark for texture. I like nature colors, which is one of the reasons I chose this specific theme. 

With this theme, my goal is to communicate the life force within nature and to translate the beauty it carries in an abstract style, by positioning the leaves in an abstract style around the pots I create. I use clay and natural colors of glazes as well as manganese and oxide to get the variety of natural colors. The processes that I use to create my work are wheel throwing and coiling. My work is also influenced by artists like Kate Malone.

  • Rebecca Maphooe - Organic Pot
  • 3D Student Exhibition - New Torchbearers
  • 2023
  • Ceramics
  • 22.5x13
  • Sold
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