Patricia Molapo - The Garden of Imperfection

I Am an upcoming glass and ceramic artist who specialize with clay and glass as my main mediums. I find both clay and glass as an interesting medium as they don’t restrict me to explore anything with them. My work is comprehensible and full of deep significance. I love to explore different angles of my skin journey .. My artwork focuses more on my skin journey through out my teen years. My inspiration come from witnesses how skin can develop different conditions like acne, pimple, pores, acne scars and dark sports. II was also curious on how the skin can naturally heal over time.

Having to experience different skin conditions that come with growing up my work focus on my perfect imperfections. The use of flowers in my artworks represent the confidence and pure self love that I have developed for my self over time.. Each flower have a deep meaning. I use clay to create flowers incorporating them with skin texture and conditions that I have experienced . The aim is to imperfect my flowers into creating my imperfect garden. The traces of leafs that are left on my glass artworks create a memory of the journey of my skin. The use of bicarbonate of soda creates different skin pores within the glass. Having to learn more about my skin enjoy making skin artworks.

  • Patricia Molapo - The Garden of Imperfection
  • 2023
  • Clay
  • 16,5 x 32,5 cm
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