Onkgopotse Phukubje - The Key: Communicate

GROWTH: The subtle art of communication

My art often serves a similar purpose to entries in a diary, giving insight into my current state of mind, and observations that I’ve made in order, and I feel as though this art piece is the perfect example of that. My work takes inspiration from concepts in music, pop art, daily life experience, philosophy, and introspective thinking, and through this, my art speaks on topics of the human condition.

This piece focuses on communication and the weight of one's words, often times we tend to overlook the power that words and communication hold as a whole, relationships, emotional and mental wellness among other things are affected by what we say, if we choose to say it at all.

  • Onkgopotse Phukubje - The Key: Communicate
  • 3D Student Exhibition - New Torchbearers
  • 2023
  • Glass
  • 41x28
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