Nita Ceronio - Pandora

"Pandora" invites viewers to confront the assumptions that surround women's roles and consider the richness that lies beneath the surface.

This terra cotta bust doubles as a lidded container and embodies the metaphor of an empty vessel, attempting to represent the roles often assigned to women as listeners, secret keepers, and emotional support anchors. Over time, this void accumulates and curates the narratives of others, mirroring a stereotype where women’s’ identities are defined by external perspectives.

Just like Pandora's Box, lifting the lid of this sculpture can release the unknown, both good and bad. The act of unveiling challenges preconceived notions, releasing the potential for self-discovery and liberation from societal confines.

The work seeks to engage the viewer in a dialogue about the complexities of identity, empowerment, and the transformative act of liberating yourself from preconceived views and predefined roles.

  • Nita Ceronio - Pandora
  • I am Worthy
  • Terracotta
  • 29 x 16 x 10 cm