Nita Ceronio - Blooming Good

“Blooming Marvelous" invites all to witness and celebrate the resilience of women, shedding light on their ability to rise above challenges and redefine their narratives.

She is my homage to the tragic story of Lucretia Jans, a Dutch woman who became the scapegoat for the mutiny on the ship, the Batavia and the superstition that women on ships bring bad luck.  Her life became inextricably intertwined with the intricate interplay of beauty, tragedy, and superstition.  This narrative drove me to delve deeper into the persistent biases that have shaped the course of women's lives.

In the 1660’s tulips were used as currency in the Netherlands, and they symbolise Lucretia's privileged heritage. Despite her family's fortune, Lucretia had to rely on her own resources in the face of adversity amidst the chaos and violence of the Batavia mutiny.

Through "Blooming Marvelous," I invite viewers to reflect on the enduring strength that women have displayed across different eras, railing against narratives that have unfairly driven them to misfortune. 

  • Nita Ceronio - Blooming Good
  • I am Worthy
  • Stoneware, oxide, glaze
  • 27 x 15 x 10 cm