Nellrie du Venage - Raider

Statement on artwork: In male-dominated working environments, women aspiring to hold top leadership positions adopt stereotypical masculine leadership traits like aggressiveness, assertiveness and self-confidence. This body of work speaks to the pressure on women to fit into the male mould and the upkeep of masculine conventions. The sculptural figures are hand built from terracotta and reference the female/domestic binary. Each work is made up of segments that sit uncomfortably on each other, referring to instability, discomfort and rupture. Warrior elements embody the militant quest for dominance. The texture of the painted works further suggests the experience of rejection and distress.  

  • Nellrie du Venage - Raider
  • Mixed media terracotta sculpture
  • 141 x 50 x 50 centimeters
  • ZAR 13,250.00
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