Montsho David - Death (Mourning)

I am Montsho David, a Pretoria based ceramic artist and currently a 3rd year student in

fine and applied art. I believe that my work is all about a reflection of me being interested and obsessed with the beauty of nature. I am really fascinated with how nature relates with culture, more especially the blooming flowers which inspires my artmaking and vision as an artist.

My artworks explore the relationship between nature plants and cultural believes and contains significant meanings, such as a feeling of love, respect, hope, peace, death(mourning), trust and religious norms. With the use of ceramic clay i portray and practice realism in aiming to evoke people’s emotions and depicts their day-to-day real life experience.

My vision and aim as an artist is to make expressive artworks which symbolizes cultural

believes and explore more into nature.

  • Montsho David - Death (Mourning)
  • 2023
  • Ceramics
  • 50 x 30
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