Mokoena Kamohelo - Ya badimo

I'm a third-year student studying in pottery named Mokoena Kamohelo Gift. In my research, I'm interested in the traditional items that are used during events like weddings, funerals, and initiation school to bring the community together. I observed how one object (the ladle) can unite us despite our differences.

Making this traditional ladle is a way for me to demonstrate how serving others helps to bring people together. In order to give this ladle some sort of life, much as it does the same for us, I used a sculptural approach rather than making it functional.

Chumani Maweni is the artist who served as the inspiration for the piece; he creates finely detailed ceramic containers, which take on their greatest form in his sought. To demonstrate how this artwork links with nature and life on its own, I modified the ladle's shape to a pumpkin for the handle during the creative process. I chose to use earthenware clay because of the color, which is accurate and gives the piece life.

  • Mokoena Kamohelo - Ya badimo
  • 3D Student Exhibition - New Torchbearers
  • 2023
  • Clay
  • 82 x 17 cm