Minien Hattingh - Spi+der=Man

Life and death. War and peace. Creation and destruction. A cataclysmic event propels the alien being (unreadable) into the vast cosmos of space. The being crash lands on earth, encountering Ji-hun Park. Park, the survivor of a racially motivated attack. Imbued with the power cosmic, he is no longer human, no longer alien. This new being is Spi+der=Man. A hybrid hailing from the Arachnid Galaxy and earth. Spi+der=Man battles against various nefarious foes: masters of technology, hate-mongers (trolls), avarice businessmen, and apathetic elites. 

 - Written by Mr. HaHa


  • Minien Hattingh - Spi+der=Man
  • Digital illustration
  • 29.7 x 21 cm
  • ZAR 1,060.00
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