Martini Coetzee - Immortality

The Acacia podalyrisfolia is an evergreen living tree. For the Ancient Hebrews and Egyptians, the tree is a symbol ofimmortality. Because the trees of evergreen, Israelites planted them at burial sites, symbolising the immortality of the soul. The Ark of the Covenant was created from the Acacia tree because it was a sacred tree to the Jewish people.

Skulls represent death, mortality, but also gratitude towards life. In Mexico, the festal ‘The day of the Dead’ skulls are decorated beautifully to honour the dead. It is a celebration of life, not death. Families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion.

Death is an integral, ever-present part of life. ‘Memento mori’ (Latin phrase): The skull symbolises human mortality (never forget that you are a mortal). Skulls represent transformation and change, wealth, power, strength, and protection. Skulls also symbolise change and transformation: death is not the end of life.

The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis. They are a symbol of transformation, hope, and new beginnings. The butterfly on the skull represents the soul and its mortality.

Lichens under the skull give new oxygen, breathing in new life.

I was very sick during the Covid outbreak. I had Covid twice. The first time was hectic. There were moments that I thought it was the end. After battling for more than a week and struggling with headaches and breathing, I did survive. You can’t stop thinking about death and how fragile our existence is. This work is personal.

  • Martini Coetzee - Immortality
  • Light Tracing Thyself
  • Lightpainting Photography on Ilford Galerie Gloss
  • /15
  • Sheet Size: 60 x 90 cm
  • ZAR 2,968.00
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